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Photoshop-Content-Aware Fill Sneak Peak

Oh. My. God. I love love this new photoshop tool to come. I have spent HOURS upon hours with these types of fixes to images. It really isn’t fun. By the time you’re done your fingers have cramped up and you’re in a miserable mood.
Thank you as always Adobe.

Vid here.

Logo Design Love

Logo Design. Heart. I’m fascinated with logo design artists. I tried it at one point and man was I absolutely terrible. Nothing ever looked right. I gave up and the world is probably a better place because of it.

This WWF one is a classic. I can’t even begin to comprehend how someone begins to create one of these. Their perfect. And the more you stare at them the better they become. The NBC one is great too.

Check them all out here:

Viral Factory-Lights Off

In honour of Earth Hour 2010, “Lights Off” is the first video controlled by your light switch. Go viral factory! I love working with these guys. They’re so fun.

The video works if you turn the lights off or on in the room. It really works. Good on viral factory for thinking about those without a webcam. For those people you also have a handy little light switch. Click away people, click away.

See it here.

The Last Advertising Agency on Earth

This was great. It brought a smile to my face. I had heard a few people talking about it and then I saw it…in all it’s glory. Lots of people laugh…But it’s actually not that funny. Like a truly amazing ECD told me the other day “The Tsunami is coming and they are actually in denial, I see it in their faces.” He was and is right. User generated content and online behavior will continue to rise. And why not. I want what I want when I want it.

This is not a trend so wake up before it’s too late. Oh ya- Kudos to Lunch and Jason Zada.

Video here.

Chat Roulette-Ben Folds

Chat Roulette Piano Improv Song. I swear it’s Ben Folds. Well maybe not. But either way it doesn’t matter now does it. This video is great. It made me laugh. Couldn’t stop watching.  Chat Roulette is an interesting concept. Definitely not a passive experience.  The ‘Next’ is always handy. It’s so simple and fun for a bit….now if there weren’t so many perverts…

Chat Roulette

Old Spice Ad-Wieden Kennedy

Ok so this ad has gone everywhere and frankly it is amazing. It’s cleverly written and beautifully executed. It’s just damn funny. What made it better for me was watching the making of and an interview with the 2 creatives from Wieden.  It’s a little long but definitely worth it.

Old Spice Ad YouTube link

The Making of and interview with creatives.

Toblerone Sweet Tweet banner

Toblerone twitter fed banner. I’m always skeptical of these. How to filter what the tweets are and then having that content appear in the banner. Let’s add to that which sites are ok with running it.

I like the idea especially when it was done in the Volvo Facebook masthead unit. Maybe I just like it done right…but then again I took the time to mention it! so it must be worth something!

Banner blog link.

Sticky Bits are here!

Sticky bits are awesome. You can add additional information into a bar code. Once the bar code (QR code) is accessed by an app (android or iphone) users get the additional information.

Great applications are already in the works. The platform exists now to see how people use it. Go get some yummy stickybits now!